Covid-19 Control Measures For Business Meetings

In order to be a Covid-19 secure venue, The Connaught Hotel and Spa has a significant number of safety measures in place to minimise the risk of transmission of Covid-19 amongst its guests and employees. These measures have been generated in line with the government guidance documents for hotels, restaurants, spas & fitness and other relevant activities in the property.

There are in addition some specific measures that the government have advised need to be in place to enable business meetings to take place. It is important that we make you aware of these to ensure that your event is as safe as possible for you and your guests.

  • No more than 30 people can attend the meeting. This number includes anyone who is in the room with the exception of the hotel employees
  • It is crucial that no guests are showing any symptoms of Covid-19. Anyone displaying symptoms should stay at home and get tested
  • If anyone becomes unwell with symptoms of Covid-19 they should immediately advise the Event Manager, leave the event and contact 119 for advice about testing and isolation
  • Your other guests should be made aware and reminded to wash their hands thoroughly but they do not need to take any other specific action unless they develop symptoms themselves or are advised to do so by NHS Test and Trace
  • Guests must wear a face covering whilst indoors in public areas in line with the guidance on face coverings. Whilst in the meeting itself, the face covering can be removed so long as the social distancing from other guests is maintained
  • Guests should regularly wash their hands and use the hand sanitisers that are provided around the hotel
  • Guests from separate households/bubbles need to follow social distancing guidelines throughout the meeting – 2 metres or 1 metre with risk mitigation (where 2 metres is not viable). This applies throughout the day and includes registration, coffee and meal breaks as well as in the meeting itself.
  • Seating arrangements must follow social distancing guidance
  • Meeting tables will not be set with common use items such as notepads & pencils. If your guests require these they will be placed on the credenza/table in the meeting room for your guests to access
  • Employees will serve all food and drinks to the guests. Individual bottles of mineral water will be placed on the meeting table for each guest.
  • Guests should remain seated as much as possible to support social distancing safety measures and they should avoid physical contact with individuals from different households
  • Speakers and attendees must take care not to raise their voices and must avoid speaking face to face
  • The use of common shared items such as flip chart pens, laptops, training aids etc. should be avoided. If any are used or documents circulated for general use, please ask your guests to sanitise their hands once they have used / received these items
  • In order to circulate fresh air into the room, breaks are required at least every two hours so that the doors & windows can be opened to allow the meeting room to ventilate naturally for a short period of time
  • The guests attending this meeting must avoid contact with any guests who are not part of the same meeting. This will include hotel residents and guests attending other meetings within The Connaught Hotel and Spa.
  • To support the NHS Test and Trace programme, a list of all guests’ names with contact details must be provided to the Event Manager. This will be kept for 21 days in case there is a need for your guests to be contacted. The details will not be used for marketing purposes.

We appreciate your assistance in ensuring that your guests follow this guidance.

Updated: September 2020